• Each tan is 2 coats, no charge for extra coats or to go darker.
    • Our service includes a PH balancing spray (this will remove dirt, oils and lower your ph balance), barrier cream, under feet protective wear & hair cap for your convenience.
    • Nose filter, disposable bra, and a disposable thong are available upon request.
    • We will customize the tan color to your desired shade: (light, ​light-medium, medium, medium-dark, dark, extra dark.


Full Body Rapid Spray Tan Session
– Shower in little as 8 up to 12 hours OR Rapid Tan II Shower in 2 hours

– 21 or younger, must show school ID
– 8 hour tan, $55 for rapid

Dance Competitions
– We use a special high performance tanning solution for dance competitions

Monthly Packages
– Unlimited

Ballroom Dancers, Cheer, Pageants, Actors on stage who require a tan that will show up under the lights, or someone looking for a solution that is very dark.

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